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2024 EasterFest Prices

Egg Hunt $20* online ticketing required for hunters only.

*Includes hunt in your chosen time slot & hunt bucket. 

*plus booking fee set by

* Tickets purchased on the day $25ea+applicable EFTPOS fees 1.75%


If you have purchased hunt tickets but haven't received them please check your spam/junk folder before contacting Ticketebo directly at al/losttix

Terms & Conditions

Bacchus Marsh EasterFest 
Terms and Conditions of Entry and Participation 

  1. Prices are in Australian dollars.
    Prices are as follows:
    Pre order $20 +Booking Fee per ticket.
    LIMITED tickets may be available on the day at a cost of $25+ applicable EFTPOS fees. Tickets are only required for PATRONS participating in the hunts and include a container to put their goodies in. Any hunters leaving the area without a full bucket will have their bucket filled on their way out the exit of the hunt area

  2. EasterFest may have some activities that require a gold coin donation, however some will attract their own price, such as the ‘Rides’, ‘Face Painting’ “Side Shows (laughing clowns etc.) etc.

  3. We are not able to confirm your attendance until full payment has been received and PAYMENT HAS CLEARED.

  4. Confirmation of your registration will be issued upon full payment from any loss of tickets need you need to contact Ticketebo directly via their contact us details on their website

  5. Bacchus Marsh EasterFest Team has a record off ALL confirmed orders for those who pre purchased.

  6. To participate in the Hunt you will be required to purchase a ticket. Tickets are LIMITED per age group and hunt to ensure safety.
    Booking online ensures you book a time that suits you and your child. Tickets purchased on the day will have times allocated at the organiser’s discretion.

  7. By attending Bacchus Marsh EasterFest, you agree to abide by all generally applicable rules and regulations governing Bacchus Marsh EasterFest in its entirety that have been provided or otherwise made known to you by The Bacchus Marsh EasterFest Team.

  8. The Bacchus Marsh EasterFest Team reserves the right to amend or cancel any event or event times and dates as and when it deems necessary. This includes changes to speakers, content and programme. 

  9. All participants in the Hunt are required to hold a valid ticket before entering the Hunt area.
    Pre-Purchased tickets contain a QR code which must be scanned upon entry. You must be able to present your tickets in person on the day of the hunt (Tickets can be presented as a legible print out or via electronic device i.e. phone or tablet) NO TICKET NO ENTRY
    Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to any tickets considered to be counterfeit, illegible or unscannable.
    Tickets purchased on the day will be issued a wristband upon registration at the Registration Tent on arrival. Wristbands are colour coded according to age and time and are strictly one per person per hunt. Wristbands that appear tampered with will NOT be accepted into the Hunt area. Once your child completes their hunt, an Official Volunteer may remove the band. Bands removed by an unauthorised person will be considered tampered with and VOID.

  10. All hunt participants are required to marshal at the hunt area 15 minutes before their scheduled hunt time. The Bacchus Marsh EasterFest team is not responsible for any participant missing their scheduled hunt.
    Refunds and discounts will not be made for participants arriving late or missing their scheduled Hunt.

  11. Refunds will be only given on a case by case basis of special circumstance.

  12. In registering for the Bacchus Marsh EasterFest, delegates grant permission to the organisers, its agents, sponsors and others working under its authority to take and to have full and free use of video/photographs containing their image/likeness pertaining to the said festival. It is understood these images may be used for promotion, news, online/multimedia/research and/or education purposes by Bacchus Marsh EasterFest Team and other relevant departments. Delegates agree that they are not entitled to remuneration, residuals, royalties or any other payment from the Bacchus Marsh EasterFest Team or relevant departments in respect of their image/likeness or its use.

  13. Bacchus Marsh EasterFest is an open environment, with large numbers of attendees and sponsors. By entering the festival, patrons accept and understand as binding the festival rules and any accompanying risks, obligations and responsibilities.

  14. It is each person's responsibility to make themselves aware of the rules and by entering the festival venue you hereby agree to all rules and regulations as outlined here on in. This, without exception applies to all and any children/minors in your charge.

  15. Bacchus Marsh EasterFest is outdoors, so conditions may vary (including access, seating, and protection from weather, terrain and available facilities). Areas at the festival are exposed to direct sunlight and heat. Patrons should take appropriate care for their own wellbeing at Bacchus Marsh EasterFest including hydration and sun, wind and rain protection. Patrons are encouraged to SLIP, SLOP, SLAP, SEEK and SLIDE!
    The Bacchus Marsh EasterFest Team has made available a water fountain from Western Water for free Hydration.

  16. Should a registrant be unable to attend, they may send a substitute in their place. Bacchus Marsh EasterFest Team must be notified of all substitutions 7 days prior to the event. Failure to attend will result in full forfeiture of the full event fee.
    Patrons can contact Bacchus Marsh EasterFest via email, telephone, or Facebook. Bacchus Marsh EasterFest Team will confirm the change.

  17. The Bacchus Marsh EasterFest Team reserves the right to refuse admittance: or removal of person or persons from the event.

  18. Bacchus Marsh EasterFest patrons or volunteers must not, without the prior consent from the  Bacchus Marsh EasterFest organisers:
          a) Enter the Hunt area until told by an official volunteer;
          b) Interfere with any event under taken by the Bacchus Marsh EasterFest Team in any fenced off area;
          c) Damage any part of  Maddingley Park;
          d) Litter;
          e) Disrupt, interrupt or behave in any manner that may disrupt or interrupt any official, volunteer or sponsor of Bacchus Marsh EasterFest, and their associates or any race, event or activity;
           f) Act or conduct oneself in such a way as to hinder, obstruct or interfere with a volunteer or sponsor of taking part in an activity or to adversely affect the safety of the public
          g) Deliberately cause unreasonable inconvenience to any patron, volunteer or sponsor of the Bacchus Marsh EasterFest organisers, or associates, or interfere with the comfort of any patron or their enjoyment of Bacchus Marsh EasterFest;
          h) Use racist,indecent or obscene language or threatening or insulting words or otherwise behave in a  threatening, abusive, riotous, indecent or insulting manner;
           i) Interfere with, obstruct or hinder the Bacchus Marsh EasterFest organisers or associates or an official volunteer or sponsor in the exercise of his or her powers, functions or duties;
           j) Busk or conduct similar entertainment;
           k) Become intoxicated or visibly affected by drugs;
           l) Refuse to follow any reasonable direction issued by Bacchus Marsh EasterFest organisers, official volunteer or sponsor;
           m) Smoke within Maddingley Park. Based on the changes to the Tobacco Act 1987 that came into effect on 1st April 2014

Under an amendment to Victoria’s anti-smoking legislation, smoking is now prohibited within 10 metres of all outdoor public children’s playground equipment and skate parks, and during organised under-age sporting events, as well as in outdoor areas of public swimming pools.

The new ban aims to provide a smoke-free environment in areas frequented by children and families, and also applies to any outdoor dining and drinking areas situated within 10 metres of these facilities.

Smoke-Free Outdoor dining areas


From 1 August 2017, smoking will be banned:

  • in outdoor areas at hospitality and food venues used for eating food. This includes footpath dining areas, courtyards and beer gardens during times food is being eaten, or is available to be eaten
  • in all outdoor areas at food fairs. A food fair is an event where the principal activity is the supply of food for consumption at the event
  • within 10 metres of a food stall or food vendor at organised outdoor event (other than a food fair).

      For more information, visit the smoke-free outdoor dining           page.

19. Impressions and maps of the event area published by Bacchus Marsh EasterFest organisers are approximate only. Bacchus EasterFest organisers reserve the right to determine actual and final location of food and drink vendors, market stalls, carnival rides and other conveniences and attractions without notice.

20. If the Bacchus Marsh EasterFest Team cancels the festival or part thereof due to inclement weather on or before the day of the scheduled festival, they will have the right to reschedule or amend the event.

All pre-purchased hunt ticket holders will be notified by email.

21.Bacchus Marsh EasterFest organisers (and or any persons thereby associated with or given authority by the Bacchus Marsh EasterFest organisers or members thereof) reserve the right to ask any person/persons at any time deemed necessary, due to inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour, to remove themselves or be removed from the venue of the above said Event in progress.  This includes any stalls, rides, games, entertainment, hunts and all other facilities associated in any way with the above said event.

22. The chocolate eggs/bunnies and all other such chocolate edibles, provided for the purpose of the Bacchus Marsh EasterFest, are sourced from a variety of brands. Such chocolate may therefore contain traces of tree nuts and or nut products and or soy, or other ingredients that may affect those with various allergies.  This includes such chocolate that may be processed on, or with equipment which may have been used in the preparation of tree nuts and or nut products, and or other ingredients that may cause concern with known allergies.


23. In attending and or participating in the Bacchus Marsh EasterFest and any or all associated events and attractions on GOOD FRIDAY ANNUALLY (or an alternate date or time as may be decided by the Bacchus Marsh EasterFest organisers) you hereby agree to participate in Bacchus Marsh EasterFest at your own risk (and that of any person or persons in your care) and to indemnify and keep indemnified the Bacchus Marsh EasterFest organisers (or any persons associated with or given authority by the Bacchus Marsh EasterFest organisers or a member thereof)  against all claims, suits, actions or demands which may be brought in respect of any injury or other loss sustained by any person or persons participating in Bacchus Marsh EasterFest and associated events and attractions, and agree to exonerate the Bacchus Marsh EasterFest organisers or any person or persons associated with or given authority by the Bacchus Marsh EasterFest organisers or a member thereof) from all responsibility and from all loss or injury to any person due to alleged liability or otherwise.

24. Bacchus Marsh EasterFest will provide a platform for other community groups to raise funds through raffles etc for their own cause. Patrons will be notified via Facebook and website as to what groups will be present on the day and what they will be organising. Bacchus Marsh EasterFest organisers take no responsibility for activities ran by these groups.

COVID SAFETY (When required by the Victorian government)

25. Bacchus Marsh EasterFest runs a Covid Safe event. Stall holders and the information marquee will have on display hand sanitiser for patron use.

26. Be mindful of social distancing at all times. Currently masks are not required outdoors however we encourage you to bring a mask to wear if you cannot social distance.

27. If you or someone in your family has Covid and cannot attend Bacchus Marsh EasterFest please cancel your hunt ticket by contacting the organisers at AND contacting via their "contact us" page in this instance you will receive a full refund less the booking fee as charged by Ticketebo alternatively you can arrange to have someone collect the bucket of eggs on your behalf. Ticket will need to be cited.




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