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Running tally donated since 2015:





This year There was a change to Bacchus Marsh Hospital ownership. We are able to continue to donate to the Urgent Care Department Via the Western Health Foundation

Thank you for an awesome outcome



$0 donated

No festival this year due to COVID 19



$2677.68 Donated

This year saw BMEF cancelled due to COVID 19 with the graciousness of stall holders and ticket purchases some were able to still donatepart or all of their ticket/site booking to enable this years donation. THANK YOU



$13560.00 Donated

We are continuing to support the Urgent are Department at Bacchus Marsh & Melton Regional Hospital (Djerriwarrh Health Services)

Without your support we would not be able to donate to such a worthy local cause.



$8286.05 Donated

As in previous years we donated this to the Urgent Care Department at Bacchus Marsh & Melton Regional Hospital. We were again able to retain a portion to cover most of the costs for BMEF 2019. Please remember to check our sponsors page and support them where you can. Without our continued support from our sponsors we would not be able to bring you the event you have become accustomed to.



$5824.88 Donated

This year we continued to support Bacchus Marsh & Melton Regional Hospital by donating to the urgent care department.

The money donated this year bought the Urgent care Department a new ECG machine.

please see our Sponsors page to see and support those who helped make this possible.

With grants and donations we were, for the first time, able to keep a proportion of funds in the bank so we have a start up budget for 2018. This was decided in order to make running EasterFest much easier. if there comes a time when EasterFest does not run, the money held in the bank account will be donated in full to the cause that was donated to the previous year That Bacchus Marsh EasterFest ran.



$4500 Donated

Was held at Maddingley Park. we had a perfect day and was able to donate $4500 to the Emergency Department of Bacchus Marsh and Melton Regional Hospital, a division of Djerriwarrh Health Services (DjHS)

We had Lindt Chocolate this year and are hoping to have Lindt on board for 2017

Thank you again for a wonderful year, looking forward to seeing you all again in 2017. 

Don't forget to go to our sponsors page so you can support those who helped support your Hospital



$2713.77 Donated

The Bacchus Marsh EasterFest is a new group in 2015, running the Annual Good Friday Festival at Darley Civic and Community Hub

We had quite a few expenses this year such as public liability insurance, ground hire, buckets, chocolate etc however...




We would like to thank each and everyone of our followers, stall holders, food vendors, volunteers, stage performers, sponsors and supporters; for believing in us and allowing us to bring this event to fruition. - We couldn't have achieved this without you all! With planning for Bacchus Marsh EasterFest 2016 already underway, we believe that next year we can minimize our expenses, raising much more for our cause.

Thank you again to our wonderful community


We are always looking for sponsors and will proudly list them on our Sponsors page regardless of Commitment (Big or Small every sponsor is important to us) You can see our list of Sponsors on the Sponsors page.